The Roswell They Don’t Want You To Know Part Three

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The next key witness to come in to play at the Roswell sighting was a man named Jesse A, Marcel.

Major Jesse A. Marcel was the intelligence officer at Roswell Army Air Force Base, which was home of the only bomb group in existence at the time. ( It should be noted that all of the personnel at the base had high-security clearance. )

Marcel was a veteran officer, who was trusted fully. He had been a highly skilled cartographer before World War II and was sent to intelligence training by the Army, because of his impeccable character.

Hewas even an instructor for a time at the training school. He also logged over 450 hours of combat duty as a pilot during the War and was highly decorated with five air medals for shooting down enemy aircraft. After the War ended, he was chosen as a member of the 509th Bomb Wing, handling security for “Operation Crossroads, “which conducted nuclear testing in 1946.

After being awarded a commendation for his work on the nuclear project, he was named the intelligence officer for Roswell AAFB. (Army, Air Field Base). Major Jesse Marcel died in 1986 but not before telling his accounts of that day at Roswell New Mexico in July of 1947.

Major Jesse Marcel was on a lunch break when he received a phone call from Sheriff Wilcox. Wilcox informed him that a rancher by the name of Mac Brazel had found a lot of debris from some sort of aerial craft out in a pasture. He went into town and talked to Brazel and then returned to the base to report to Colonel Blanchard

Major. J. Marcel was ordered by Colonel William Blanchard to investigate. Marcel and a Counter Intelligence Corps agent, Captain Sheridan Cavitt, Met with Mac Brazel and proceeded to the ranch. Arriving too late for ample light for a search, the two soldiers spent the night with Brazel and then proceeded to the sight the next morning.

The next morning, July 7, 1947, MAC Brazel led them out to the site. Brazel and Cavitt rode horses, but Marcel didn’t ride, so he drove the Jeep. Marcel and Cavitt filled the Jeep with debris and Marcel sent Cavitt back to the base with it. While He stayed and filled his car with debris also. Marcel headed back to base, but on the way, he stopped off at his home to show the debris to his wife and son, JesseJr.

Upon returning to Roswell base, he was ordered by the Roswell base commanding officer, Col. William “Butch” Blanchard, to fly the material he recovered to Wright Field, Ohio.

But had to first stop at Fort Worth to show what had been found to Brig. Gen. Roger Ramey, head of the 8th Air Force, and Blanchard’s superior officer.

Blanchard issued a press release saying that they had recovered a “flying disc,” and that it was being flown to higher headquarters.

shortly after the press release, General Ramey was publicly retracting the flying disc Story and telling the media that what had been found was a weather balloon with its radar target.

30some years later Major Jesse Marcel stated in an interview that:

“When we arrived at the crash site, it was amazing to see the vast amount of area it covered.”

“scattered over an area of about three-quarters of a mile long, I would say, and fairly wide, several hundred feet wide. “It was definitely not a weather or tracking device, nor was it any sort plane or missile.”I don’t know what it was, but it certainly wasn’t anything built by us and it most certainly wasn’t any weather balloon.”

“small beams about three-eighths or a half inch square with some sort of hieroglyphics on them that nobody could decipher. This looked something like balsa wood, and was about the same weight, except that they were not wood at all. They were very hard, although flexible, and would not burn at all.

There was a great deal of an unusual parchment-like substance which was brown in color and extremely strong, and a great number of small pieces of a metal like tinfoil, except that it wasn’t tinfoil. I was interested in electronics and kept looking for something that resembled instruments or electronic equipment, but I didn’t find anything. ”

“Cavitt, I think, found a black, metallic-looking box several inches square. As there was no apparent way to open this, and since it didn’t appear to be an instrument package of any sort, we threw it in with the rest of the stuff.”

“Ithad little numbers with symbols that we had to call hieroglyphics because I could not understand them. They were pink and purple. They looked like they were painted on. I even took my cigarette lighter and tried to burn the material we found that resembled parchment and balsa, but it would not burn – wouldn’t even smoke.”

“the pieces of metal that we brought back were so thin, just like the tinfoil in a pack of cigarettes.”

“you could not tear or cut it either. We even tried making a dent in it with a sixteen-pound sledgehammer, and there was still no dent in it.”

Dr.Jesse Marcel Jr.(Major. J. Marcel’s son)

JesseMarcel, Jr., Underwent hypnosis conducted by Dr. John Watkins in Mayof 1990.

Under hypnosis recalled being awakened by his father on the night thatMarcel Sr., returned from the Foster ranch with the unusual debris found by rancher William Brazel. Marcel Jr. Recalled to helping his father carry into the house a large box filled with debris. Once inside, they emptied the contents of the debris onto the kitchen floor.

JesseJr. described seeing lead foil and I-beams and the writing on the beams as being purple in color and “strange.” He added that he “never saw anything like it…different geometric shapes, leaves, and circles.

“I ask him what a flying saucer is. I don’t know what a flying saucers…It’s a ship. Dad’s was excited!”

Marcello. added that: “The material was foil-like stuff, very thin,metallic-like but not metal, and very tough. Also a quantity of black plastic material which looked organic in nature. Imprinted along the edge of some of the beam remnants were hieroglyphic-type characters.”


[Source: Karl Pflock, Roswell in Perspective, 1994]

My name is Jesse A. Marcel, M.D.

(2) My address is: XXXXXXXXXX

(3) I am a physician, and I have served in the National Guard since 1978; I am a certified crash investigator and helicopter pilot.

(4) In July 1947, I was eleven years old and lived in Roswell, New Mexico, where my father, Major Jesse Marcel, was stationed at the Roswell Army Air Field, serving as the base intelligence officer.

(5) One night, I was awakened by my father in the middle of the night. He was very excited about some debris he had picked up in the desert. The material filled up his 1942 Buick. He brought some of the material into the house, and we spread it out on the kitchen floor.

(6) There were three categories of debris: a thick, foil-like metallic gray substance; a brittle, brownish-black plastic-like material, like Bakelite; and there were fragments of what appeared to be I-beams.

(7) On the inner surface of the I-beam, there appeared to be a type of writing. The writing was a purple-violet hue, and it had an embossed appearance. The figures were composed of curved, geometric shapes. It had no resemblance to Russian, Japanese or any other foreign language.

It resembled hieroglyphics, but it had no animals-like characters.

(8) My father said the debris was recovered from a crash site northwest of Roswell. He felt it was very unusual and may have mentioned the words “flying saucer” in connection with the material. He was certain it was not from a weather balloon.

(9) I have not been paid or given anything of value to make this statement, which is the truth to the best of my recollection.

Signed: Jesse A. Marcel

6 Mar 91

Signature witnessed by:

Trudy Anders LPN

Captain Sheridan Cavitt who was with Major .J. Marcel at the debris field refused to be interviewed on anything to do with Roswell. However, In 1994 he did talk to the Air Force investigator. Col. Richard Weaver.

The only story he told was about the weather balloon, and even then his details were sketchy and very inconclusive. Captain Sheridan Cavitt took any secrets he had to his grave. No accounts from anyone, that he ever spoke of Roswell’s flying disc.

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