Author: K. Waters

Boo For Hollywood

Even though we would like to think it's just Hollywood being subjected to workplace rape and sexual interference, it can be honestly said it is not. Workplace rape and harassment


A Simple Tradition

I just spent a week with nature and It was awesome but colder than normal. A foot of snow and more falling as we left the little cabin in the woods, but I would not


Taking A Knee – A Silent Protest

Well, the owners of sports teams drank the Jim Jones Kool-Aid and are planning to implement or have implemented a new rule by making all sports players


A Misfiring President Could Be Undiagnosed Disorder

Many people who suffer from neurological disorders go on to be a very productive part of society and some become very successful people in life. It's time


An Attack on Literature

Well, we had a terrorist attack in Las Vegas and Edmonton Alberta but what about the attack on our children's education. To be specific, on their literary education.


Terrorism In Edmonton

Well, once again terrorism hits close to home for me. Edmonton Alberta Canada was subjected to a form of terrorism that seems to be the new norm for


The Fickle Fan of The Walking Dead

It is no secret to those who know me that I am a big fan of the show “The Walking Dead.” It saddens me to hear that rumor has it, they are planning to end the show.


What Is Climate Change Really All About?

We hear about climate change all the time but how many actually know what it is? Here are the main three things to understand a little better about what scientists and

Are You Ready for the Next Disaster, Hurricane, Tornado, or Flood

Are You Ready for the Next Disaster, Hurricane, Tornado, or Flood?

Are you prepared for a disaster? Because I can speak from experience, I was not. I was living in what was considered a safe location. It was only 20 minutes from a major city


Drawing a Line from Hitler to Trump

Trump's rise to the presidency has an uncanny resemblance to Hitler's rise to power. Hitler started out as just a loud mouth activist shouting accusations and attending rallies


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