Columbus marchers ask for truth in politics

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Marchers in Columbus on Saturday asked for truth in politics. (WSYX/WTTE)

At least 150 people marched through Downtown Columbus Saturday morning for a “March for Truth” rally.

“We want to show that we as a people, as a population, support and call for this independent commission and truth in politics more generally,” said Gleb Tsipursky, who spoke at the march.

The group gathered at the Ohio Supreme Court. The Columbus march is one of many planned across the country.

They are demanding an investigation into presidential ties with Russia and more.

“If Trump is innocent we want him fully exonerated,” said Tsipursky, “this is not about impeachment…this is about a bipartisan orientation towards truth in politics.”

Many held signs, asking for President Donald Trump to stop what they believe are multiple lies from his administration. They also want lawmakers at all levels to sign a Pro-Truth Pledge.

One woman told ABC 6/ FOX 28 that she came to the rally because she does not like the direction the country is heading, wanting to make her voice heard.

“I think it has caused a lot of people to think very deeply about what is going on and to become more active,” said Laura Kuykendall.

Some drivers showed their support with waves, others passing by were against the message.

For example, many Ohioans are split on the president’s decision to pull out of the Paris climate deal.

“Americans for Prosperity” commended the president for that choice, saying he is “standing up for Ohio taxpayers and the Ohio economy.”

Columbus Police watched the march, but while ABC 6/FOX 28 crews were there, the scene was calm and no one walked up to protest the group.

“We are here, we want to hold our government accountable and if we don’t speak up we are nothing,” said Andrea Yagoda who organized the march.

There were similar marches Saturday in cities like Washington D.C. and Philadelphia.

The Republican Party of Virginia held a “Pittsburgh not Paris” rally Saturday in Washington D.C. in support of the president’s decision to exit the Paris Climate Agreement.

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