Populist Cannot Support This President Anymore

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Unless you have not been paying attention to our movement that has been defeated by the establishment in the White House, all of our populist soldiers that went to work for Trump have been wiped out. There is nobody left standing with any pull to stir this president back towards the promises he made on the campaign trail. The swamp consumed this president and the agenda that got him there is stuck in quicksand.

Almost nothing we thought was going to happen has transpired. There is no wall, there are no tax cuts for working people and the president did nothing to cover everyone with health insurance like he promised. In fact, the president was itching to sign a bill that would have decimated over twenty million people and their access to healthcare. In addition, instead of ending the endless war, the foreign policy of the president got swallowed up by the globalist and endless war marches on.

Are you starting to get the big picture here? So if you are still showing up at Trump rally to hear how none of what I am writing is true, then remember all this when another one of our sons or daughters are killed in some desert of the Middle East. Think of this blog when you see the taxes taken out of your paycheck and realized you have been hoodwinked. When one of your family members falls into the trap of the Mexican Drug Cartel and their poison coming across the southern border, you’ll remember this blog. Someone should forward this to who focuses on the impact of the populist movement, both in the United States and throughout the world.

Like I wrote in my book :

We are the fox in the bear trap
Our sanity is the fur they will trade
We are the fish caught in the net
Now the lion is out of the cage

The purity of this truth, burns right through
It is our place in the food chain
That determines who’s who

For every waking moment, survive and be fit
Or we’ll tear out your heart
For it is our nature, I admit

It is what I proclaim, this is clear to see
Another day’s toil in the books
Survival and pain, the fee

Apathetic and nefarious
Call it what you like
For this is the capitalist’s reality
One unkind and unforgiving sight

By what authority, do I make such a claim
By the thunder of your economic violence
By the suffering found in your reign


C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet
[email protected]

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