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Jason Dent on Big Brother 19

Well this is different. One of the Houseguests appears to be making his own decision in the house and that means we could see the script flipped when it comes to this week’s eviction.

Jason is in a position of great power this week as both the Head of Household and the winner of this week’s Power of Veto. He can do as he wants when it comes to the noms, if he’s willing to blaze his own path. Of course the irony here is that the path he’s poised to take was the house’s original plan this week before the man behind the curtain decided to reroute his flock.

Soon after the Hide & Seek Veto comp had ended we suddenly saw Paul pushing for Kevin to go up as the renom and then out the door. Originally the group had wanted to put up Matthew and Raven under the guise of being pawns and Kevin the target, but then surprise them with a VTE-Matthew plan. That all changed on Saturday night.

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Paul, Christmas, and Josh sit down in the rose bedroom as Paul admits Alex and Jason are doing pretty well in the game. Yes they are. There are 8 wins between the two counting HoH & Veto comps. That should obviously make the other HGs nervous and apparently Paul thinks it’s time to start whittling away at their support.

Despite the earlier plan to split up the last showmance, Paul and company here agree that they should take out Kevin this week since he’s going to side with Alex and Jason in the game. Josh points out the obvious obstacle here: Jason has to renom Kevin first. Easier said than done.

Just a bit earlier Jason revealed to Kevin that the rest of the house had been operating under the plan for Kevin being a renom, though he lets Kevin know the plan was to still get out Matthew. Kevin wasn’t pleased and asks Jason not to do that. Jason agreed. Now the two forces will collide.

Jump ahead to 6:55 PM BBT as Paul is sitting with Alex, Jason, and Kevin to discuss their options. Paul is still suggesting Kevin going up would be good for the group since it’d keep Matthew and Raven calm. Of course Paul knows the secret plan has been changed to getting out Kevin. The group discusses and Jason continues to resist the suggestion from Paul to renom Kevin.

Finally after ten minutes Jason says he’s sticking with letting Matthew and Raven get upset, he won’t be doing a renom and wants Matthew out.

Paul isn’t happy and relays this back to Christmas. The two of them later corner Alex and convince her they need Kevin out. Soon she’s pushing on Jason later in the evening. Lucky for Kevin, nothing seems to be gaining traction on Jason to change his mind.

In seemingly countless conversations over the night we saw Paul work on Jason, Christmas work on Jason, Alex work on Jason, and all sorts of combinations of the group try to convince Jason. Amazingly it’s not working. In fact, in a conversation with Paul Jason tells him he’s tired of being a minion in the game and feeling like all his moves are predetermined for him.

Of course if Jason was saying this to someone other than Paul it’d make for a better situational awareness statement than it is given his present company at the moment. I wonder if this will shoot him to the top of the target list next week for Paul

Jump ahead to close to the end of the night at 12:29 AM BBT. Jason is upstairs with Alex and Christmas as he explains that at least he likes Kevin but can’t stand Matthew and Raven. Alex says she’ll just deny being able to control Jason’s decision because she knows those two are going to throw a fit when he doesn’t use the Veto. Jason agrees and says he’s fine with Alex letting him take the heat for this.

It’s a surprisingly good move for Jason and he’s either really lucky or more aware than I realized. Considering the original plan was to renom Kevin as a pawn to keep Matthew and Raven calm, then at what point did he realize that not only was it an unnecessary risk, but that there was an actual shift to eliminate Kevin instead of Matthew?

The idea behind the original plan was actually good for Jason, if everyone had stuck to it, since he’d be following the fake plan and then be able to deny to Matthew and Raven that he knew this was happening. “Hey, I did my part. It’s the rest of the house who voted Matthew out instead of Kevin like we agreed!” It’s an interesting turn of events.

The Veto Ceremony won’t be until Monday afternoon so there’s still time to change the course of events, but if that meeting were held today then Kevin would be safe and the last showmance would be set for splitsville come Thursday night.

What do you think of Jason’s decision here? Is it the right one or is he going to regret this move?

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