Drawing a Line from Hitler to Trump

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Trump’s rise to the presidency has an uncanny resemblance to . Hitler started out as just a loudmouth activist shouting accusations and attending rallies making speech after speech against the Jews and German government that was in power at the time. He was famous for keeping notes on how crowds reacted to these speeches and marches. He paid close attention to how the media available at the time worked, and how he could take advantage of it to further his cause. His activism and speeches landed him in jail for treason, where he wrote his book” ”. The book was part biographical and part political.

Trump may not have ended up in jail but he was a loud mouth activist when it came to stories in the media. A prime example was when he mouthed off about The , four black men and one Latino, who were falsely jailed for the brutal rape of a white banker back in 1989. At the time Trump took out a full-page ad calling for New York to reinstate the death penalty. In 2002 they were cleared by DNA evidence and a separate confession from another criminal who took credit for the assault. Yet despite being officially exonerated Trump still insists they are guilty of the crimes against a white person. Trump also was behind the birther movement against the first black president of the United States, Barrack Obama. Using the media of our time to his advantage, he often tweeted persistently his distaste for what the government was doing and how President Obama was ruining The United States. Just like Hitler, Donald Trump also wrote a book called “The Art of the Deal” part memoir and part business-advice.

When Hitler decided to run for office, he often made speeches about how the German people were being deceived by the government and he was tired of seeing millions of people deprived of their savings. Tired of seeing Germany having loss of pride and honor, vowing to get it back. He believed if you opened soup kitchens and give the people a shirt on their backs they would vote for him. Once he had a firm foothold on the people, he made speech after speech, how he could give Germans their pride back, that they would be proud to be Germans again. How he was going to make “Germany great again.”

Trump basically ran his campaign the same way. How Americans were being deceived and lied to by the government. How he was going to make Americans proud to be Americans again. How the people were suffering by high taxes and paying for things that America doesn’t benefit from. How immigrants have to go because they are taking jobs and money out of the pockets of hard working Americans. Instead of soup kitchens and shirts, he vowed to get rid of the immigration problem and give Americans their jobs back. With his slogan “Make America Great Again”. Sounds awfully familiar.

Once in power, Hitler set principals in place:

  1. To aim to be a party with a true Ideology (get rid of all Jewish people and those who were not pure true to Germany or of German descent.)
  2. An uncompromising power for Germany (war and eventually world domination)
  3. Rid Germany of any gays, blacks, Chinese or other nationality that was not pure white.
  4. First, round up the Non-Germans and place them in Ghettos then purge them to get rid of the ghettos.

Trump, once in power, set out his principles:

  1. To make America powerful again in the eyes of the world.(increase the military budget, ordered more aircraft and ships to be built or updated.)
  2. Clean up America (ordered a clean sweep of immigrants and Muslims that are not American).
  3. Round up the immigrants, place in sanctuary cities, then deport them, get rid of any sanctuary’s left.
  4. Make the American military honorable again by removing any LGBTQ’s.

Hitler surrounded himself with only those that would pledge allegiance and conform to his ideologies and shot anyone that would not. He then formed the SS Nazis. Trump is surrounding himself with people that pledge allegiance to him and fires those who will not conform to his ideology or way of thinking. Giving new life to the white supremacy and hate groups. Hitler made allies with Russia, Trump is making an ally of Russia. Hitler went to war and Trump is vamping up the stakes on the war that is already going, while picking a fight for war with North Korea. The list goes on and like I stated at the beginning, the resemblance between Adolph Hitler and Donald Trump are uncanny.

Although this is my opinion and the way I see it, you can not deny that it is more than a coincidence that events from passed Germany are hauntingly similar to what is starting in America. Both Hitler and Trump have the ability to incite hate, and people have died because of it. We know what became of Hitler’s Germany but what will become of Trump’s America? Even if by the off chance President Trump can be impeached or removed from office, will it be in time to repair the damage of hate that is already spreading, in time to stop the pending war with North Korea? Will his replacement be any better if he is a yes man and agrees with Trump’s ideologies? Remember his replacement would be in power for another 3 years until the next election.

If you’re not a little worried or scared of what’s to come, maybe you should be.

K. Waters
Writer, Blogger, Mother
[email protected]

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