Why Is Marvel the Only Studio Still Doing Comic-Con’s Hall H Right?

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Day after day, panel after panel the news out of San Diego Comic-Con’s famed Hall H was the same. The cast of your favorite shows and movies arrived, charmingly shared some behind-the-scenes anecdotes, vaguely answered audience questions, dropped a trailer or two that immediately appeared online, and called it a day. This was true of , , , , , and more. All but three major movie studios skipped the convention altogether and even with major comic book film projects on the horizon like four () new X-Men movies and just as many Justice League , neither the Twentieth Century Fox nor the Warner Bros. panels extended their scope beyond what’s coming immediately down the pike.

But even as these popular networks and film studios retreat over piracy and secrecy concerns and spread their Comic-Con presence , one company still knows how to reward those die-hard fans who sleep out over night in the hopes of a show-stopping presentation. Once again Marvel, the heavyweight champ of comic book movies, blew the roof off Hall H.

Marvel is always the biggest and last presentation on Saturday, the most well-attended day of the convention. As in years past and despite have a of its own just a week previous, Marvel was bursting with news, exclusive footage, and showmanship. Let’s breakdown everything we learned.

Thor Ragnarok: Let’s start with the next movie to premiere on Marvel’s fully-loaded Avengers slate. The third installment in the Thor franchise has already been feeling the benefit of hype thanks to a which promised to bring plenty of director Taika Waititi’s trademark humor to the occasionally dour tales of Asgard. But the second trailer, which dropped immediately online, promised even more to love including a quasi-articulate Hulk, some new threads for Bruce Banner, some killer new villains and heroes played by Tessa Thompson, Jeff Goldblum, and , and the Loki/Thor reunion you’ve all been waiting for.


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