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Social scientists, psychologists, and anthropologists will have a massive body of work to study when the current media cycle is put out to pasture one day. It is fair to say that the vast majority of today’s journalists have lost their minds. was sucked out of them like a blowjob. Gotcha porn replaced digging deep down into a story. On the record sourcing was replaced with an orgy of unnamed sources and an entire generation of journalism died right in front of our eyes.

Read any newspaper or watch any of the mainstream networks on your TV and all you see is political rabies. Barking media dogs frothing at the mouth. Howling at the moon and screaming with rage and dripping with sickness. It is nothing short of insanity. The level of collective self-unawareness is beyond frightening; it is pathological. These people are sick.

It goes beyond the media. It has taken over morning programming, daytime television and even late night comedy shows. Nothing is safe from this viral political rabies plague. There is almost nothing left to watch. If you have not been infected with this collective pandemic, then you have to really put in an effort to find something to watch on the TV or where to consume your news. If all you had or if all you watched, was this current scourge then you would be infected. You would also land up being detached from reality and start seeing dark shadows of Russians lurking around every corner and back-channel.

Maybe, just maybe, during the eight years of the Obama Administration, they forgot how to do journalism. After nearly a decade of worship and ignoring story after story, when Trump won the election, they snapped out of their adulation and began to practice news reporting once again. However, it seems that they have collectively forgotten some basic principles of journalism. They are an embarrassment to the news gods before them. They are a disgrace. They are today’s mainstream . They are simply unwatchable.


C. Rich
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