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It is one thing to watch CNN exercise their bias in the most unfair kind of ways, but that is cable news. Cable news is paid programming; it is part of the basic cable package that people pay to see. However, the airways that ABC, NBC and CBS thunder their ideology on is not cable. Since these networks operate as an arm of the Democrat Party, it is time to consider pulling their broadcast license.

The Democrat Party should not be allowed to use the public airways exclusively to work their political goals day and night. This allowance is offensive to half of this nation. The Republican Party has no such megaphone and can only combat the lies put out by the left on cable news and talk radio. It is amazing with only those tools they have been so successful. It says volumes about the Democrats, who with the biggest media tools out there, can’t simply win an election. Their failures are also a testament to the people who vote them out of state, local and federal positions.

The Democrat Party has turned every network on the public airways into a 24/7 liberal propaganda machine and it is time this comes to an end. They should not have the right to spew their hatred and disinformation across the public airways unabated and unchallenged. This was not the original intent of these public airways and it is certainly not proper or fair to the Republican Party or any other. Since a clear argument can be made that the networks operate as an arm of the DNC, then it is time to revisit these licenses.

When we hear about Russian or Cuban TV that is controlled by the state and how they manipulate their airways, we think negative things about that. How is what is going on with the three main networks any different from those examples? Our networks are “Deep State” sponsors of the left, nothing more and nothing less.


C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet
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