JBM Golf Ball Retriever Device (6ft Reach, 10′ 2”) Automatically Portable Telescopic Golf Ball Pick Up Ball Retriever Scoop Pick Up, 26″ to 78.5″ Retracted Length, Stainless Steel Shaft

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Price: $39.99 - $23.99

Adjustable Length
66 to 200cm / 26′ to78.7′ / 1.98ft to 6ft

Color :

Are you in a golf club and tired of losing your golf balls in water hazards? Have you had enough of golf elbow balls due to the strenuous side activities in golfing?

No need to worry because you are already sorted even before you know it. You don’t have to be afraid while putting balls of steel anymore because of the added work or retrieval.

The golf ball sniffer retriever has a large diameter aluminum tubing that can be extended to reach 6 feet. Existing users describe it a one of the best investment in golf.

The aluminum alloy used gives it a longer shelf life hence the product acts as a haven for your money because it is a worthy investment regarding the time and quality of service. You can very well locate and retrieve your balls and in the process find other discarded golf balls for your taking.

Additionally, the developers added a subtle touch of cam lock that helps to set up the product up to the desired height without collapsing.

To use it, just locate the ball and position the head of the retriever on top of the ball and you got your ball back.

Why carry the best golf accessories and settle for less on the retriever? Go for the stylish golf ball sniffer retriever. 

ONE YEARWarranty Guaranteed.

– Stylistic golf cup holder : Quality and style make sure that you don’t have to keep losing the ball after every grab. It is one of retrievers as it uses cup holders which is well designed to ensure no slips of balls when they are being retrieved. With an extended clip, it will fit for the putter grips perfectly. This revolutionary product well considers your emotional as well as physical needs.
– A staggering 6-foot retriever : Its size helps in fishing back balls from water or dampen ground, so you don’t have to stretch your body to reach balls that are far of your reach. Just have an alternative! Have a better control with lock tubes at any length ensuring convenience. This particular retriever has a safety catch that keeps the ball from falling out and it also comes with customizable lengths to ensure that none of the golfers is locked out. 
– A cork sturdy grip handle : The enhanced grip makes sure that the retriever never leaves the hand. With such a tight grip, you do not need to worry about losing it in the water, or other grounds you stick it to retrieve balls.This grip is crucial since most golfers want something that can be relied upon as one takes stride all around the golf field.  
– Judiciously constructed of unrivaled quality, rust-free aluminum alloy design : Crafted by the best, the golf ball sniffer retriever is one of the highest quality golf ball retrievers in the market because it cannot break or burn during the regular use. With the golf ball sniffer, you don’t have to think about the lost balls, you can just get them back quickly.
– Light frame structure : Easy to carry around alongside the cigar holder golf push cart. With aluminum material, the golf ball sniffer is designed to put your muscles to work on other activities and not retrieving the balls. By keeping it easy to carry, the developers wanted the golfers to enjoy the experience that comes with it to ease the workload in the field that would be used for getting some points. 

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