Councilmen Kevin Felder and Omar Narvaez are two of the newest members on the Dallas City Council. Councilman Felder represents District 7. District 7 includes South Dallas, Fair Park and the Buckner Terrace neighborhood. Councilman Narvaez represents District 6 – the part of the city that covers West Dallas and the neighborhoods to the north of Love Field. The two councilmen discussed how their victories will change the balance of power at Dallas City Hall. Felder and Naraez joined host Jason Whitely and Bud Kennedy of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.


New population estimates released by the U.S. Census show that Hispanics make up just over half of Texas’ population increase since 2010. Texas has grown by 2.8 million people with Dallas/Fort Worth seeing some of the biggest population gains. Almost half of the new residents are Latino. Ross Ramsey, co-founder and executive editor of the Texas Tribune, discussed what a growing Hispanic population means for the political landscape in Texas. Ramsey also talked about the U.S. Supreme Court’s agreement to hear a case on redistricting maps, and the city of Houston joining the lawsuits against the state’s new immigration law.

In Frisco, voters said no to raising property taxes for schools. In order to balance its budget, Frisco ISD is, among other things, making students pay to play sports. Chris Krok from WBAP 820 AM argues why that sets a bad precedent in this morning’s My Voice, My Opinion

Because they don’t have the votes, U.S. Senate Republicans cannot yet repeal Obamacare and pass President Donald Trump’s healthcare bill. Senator Ted Cruz, among the holdouts, says Trump’s bill does not lower premiums as promised. Matt Mackowiak always has a keen understanding of the Republican politics in play, and is closely watching the healthcare debate. He runs Potomac Strategy Group, and was just elected as the Travis County GOP Chair. Mackowiak discusses the likelihood of the Senate Republicans’ version of the health care bill passing.


We’re still waiting to see what a bathroom bill will look like during the special session next month. But why does it still remain such a priority if Republicans can’t even agree on it? That’s the focus of this morning’s Flashpoint. From the right, Wade Emmert, former chair of the Dallas County Republican Party. And from the left, former Democratic state representative Domingo Garcia.


Reporters roundtable puts the headlines in perspective each week. Bud and Ross returned to discuss the disagreement between U.S. Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz over President Donald Trump’s healthcare bill, State Rep. Matt Schaefer mistakenly signing to allow a white pride rally at the State Capitol, and Republican wins in congressional seats in Georgia and Montana.

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