Fox’s Ed Henry says CNN reporter ‘overdoing’ criticism of White House briefings

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Fox News chief national correspondent said a CNN reporter is “overdoing” his criticism of the White House press shop.

During an appearance Sunday on Fox News’s “Media Buzz,” host asked Henry if CNN White House correspondent is “crossing a line” in his criticisms of the White House press operations.

“I think he is,” Henry told Kurtz.

Acosta the White House for holding off-camera briefings, calling White House press secretary “just kind of useless.”

“You know, if he can’t come out and answer the questions and they’re just not going to do this on camera or audio, why are we even having these briefings or these gaggles in the first place?” Acosta said at the time.

Henry, however, said the press corps is getting lost in its criticisms of the White House, which has held  in recent weeks, opting instead for off-camera gaggles.

“I think everybody, frankly, is overacting to this whole issue of White House briefings, getting lost in all kinds of side issues,” Henry said.

“The real issue is the credibility of the White House press secretary, but frankly the credibility of correspondents as well.”

Henry added that while Acosta is his friend, he is “overdoing” it in his criticisms. 

“So, I will repeat, Jim Acosta’s a friend. I like him as a colleague, but yes, I’m going to be honest and direct, Howie. He’s over, overdoing this,” Henry said.

“He compared the White House to Pravda this week. This is not the Soviet Union,” Henry added, referencing the mouthpiece of the Communist party during the Soviet era. 

“And if you’re going to be a reporter, you’re going to be a correspondent, these opinions are now no longer coming from pundits. It’s coming from White House correspondents,” Henry said.

But the Fox News reporter also implied that the White House should be holding its press briefings on-camera, and provided Spicer with a message.

“Wake up, Sean Spicer. This is 2017. The American people expect transparency,” Henry said. 

“Get in front of a camera and answer the tough questions.”

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