Democrat Party Can’t Win – Republican Party Cannot Govern

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Democrat Party Can't Win - Republican Party Cannot Govern
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Watching the gloom on display last week was very fun to watch. These special elections are just another example of how separated the Democrat Party is from actual Americans. Once again the press got it wrong and yet they stay completely unaware. Political pundits are making big money on TV being completely wrong. It is incredible that the same faces are allowed their wrongness over and over again without being held accountable.

The Democrat Party cannot win because they do not hold America’s values. It is that simple. The party and their loud followers have disconnected from the things most of us care about. The Dems always believe that the answer to something is to throw money at it. Well, this special election in Georgia they certainly did that. However, they did not get the results they were looking for. This happens all the time when you see different functions of government washed in money and devoid in results.

In addition, it is very strange how they, still to this day, defend Obamacare. It is rather odd how they ignore the reality of that failure. People suffering under its yoke certainly cannot ignore Obamacare. The Democrat Party functions as a petulant child blanketed in selfishness and mire. Their effectiveness was waned over the course of my life and from a distance, I wonder if they will ever self-correct.

I do not see anybody on the political scene from the left that can beat Trump. Bernie is the only politician I ever gave money to in my life and he could have beat Trump, but when he rolled over and played dead during the primary, I left him. He also sat down with The Times to talk about 2008 Crash, banks and generally what happened and he was woefully unknowledgeable. It shocked me at the time because it was his basic theme.

Trump and his future lay in the hands of the Republican Party, if they get the big things done at some point, he’ll be unbeatable. I believe the Democrat Party can’t win an election of importance. I also believe the Republican Party cannot govern a nation.

C. Rich
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