A Timeline of Terrorism

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A Timeline of Terrorism
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When it comes to terrorism we all know the names Al-Qaeda, Jihad, and Isis. But what about the Werewolves? The Werewolves were a terrorist cell formed after the fall and death of Hitler. Formed in the Middle East by none other than high-ranking Nazi Officer (scarface).

Otto Skorzeny established a foothold in the Middle East during his reign serving with Hitler, who formed an alliance with . Al Husseini was responsible for forming “The Army of the Holy War” known as Jihad. With the intense hatred of the Jewish people, Hitler and Al Husseini agreed to form a cell of Muslim SS or Hanjars. When Hitler was defeated and the war trials began, Skorzeny escaped from prison and eventually made his way to the Middle East where he joined his fellow comrade Al Husseini who welcomed his military expertise and advice.

Holding a high military adviser position, Skorzeny forms the , made up of hundreds of SS soldiers and officers who managed to escape prosecution and found their way to join their cherished leader who vowed to carry on Hitler’s dream. It was not long before the Werewolves made a name for themselves and were revered among the Jihad groups. The Werewolves were assigned to training various terrorist cells around the Middle East in the ”Art of Terrorism” using as a reference. As the regime changes, Skorzeny manages to hold his position with Yasir Arafat and even Saddam Hussein. Although Skorzeny died of cancer, his name is still held in high regard in many Jihad groups.

Millions of copies of Hitler’s book Mein Kempf are sold every year to those in the Middle East, required reading for the terrorist members. The Quran in one hand and the Mein Kempf in the other, terrorism carries on. Not just for the Jews but all those who are declared enemies of the Caliphate.

When 9/11 happened the “” began, but you have to ask yourself could 9/11 have been prevented if the governments around the world would have paid more attention to the Intelligent reports and obvious signs that were staring them in the face. Instead of flagging those who buy “Catcher in the Rye” maybe they should be following those millions of copies of Mein Kempf.

Innocent civilians falling prey to Sarin gas attacks is a clear tactic out of Hitler’s playbook. Recruiting the younger generation because they can be molded into super soldiers, or in the case of Jihad, the suicide bombers. Hitler forced the Jewish people to gather in cramped quarters where it was easy to gun down hundreds at a time. Jihads hit soft targets like concerts, the Boston Marathon and Times Square, all places where thousands of people gather to celebrate. The situation may be different but the tactics and the outcome are the same. Hundreds of people injured or dead.

It would be obtuse to think that there was no warning of the attack with red-flags springing up over 70 years, but now our eyes are wide open. We need to ask ourselves how do we cut the head off the snake if a new one just takes its place. Maybe we need to look backward into the looking glass, to move forward and finally win the war on terrorism of the future.


K. Waters

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