Trump from The Apprentice is a Russian Spy?

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Russia, Russia, Russia all day and all night. Week after week and month after month Russia, Russia, Russia til the cows come home. They will do this for years. They will not give up on this ridiculous thing. Years will pass, people will be born and die and the Russia, Russia, Russia mantra will still stumble on. Problem is, that to believe this insanity, you would have to believe that the guy from the NBC Primetime show called is actually a Russian spy. So go ahead and say it out loud. Say it. President is a Russian operative. Did you say it out loud? Did you say it around people or in the supermarket? How did that sound? How did that go for you? Did the sirens blare as the men in white jackets came for you? Was there LSD found in your blood stream? Do you feel stupid now?

So now what? The men around Trump did business with Russia? Someone in his campaign spoke to a Russian person? Maybe like the Press Secretary said, someone had Russian salad dressing on their lettuce. What do we do now? Half of this nation has completely lost their minds to the point that the other half, knows now, we can never mend this divide. Let me say that again. We can never mend this divide. We will not be able to get along anymore. We cannot patch this up. The days of respecting each other’s opinions are over. We are two nations and we have different ideas about what kind of nation we want to live in. There is no way any of this ever gets fixed. Not ever! Those of us who see the political rabies that has overcome half our nation have no vaccine to save them. There is no turning back. There is no respect left. We can barely look each other in the eye. We are different. It is time to face that.


C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet
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