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COLUMBIA — Rose Music Hall is building a new stage in Rose Park with plans to make the revamped outdoor venue a “destination for concertgoers across the state of Missouri.”

“We really believe that the park is going to become not just a local destination but a regional one, bringing in attendees from all over the state,” Rose Music Hall and Rose Park co-owner Scott Leslie said in a May 19 news release.

Construction of the stage began in mid-April with plans to have it completed in time for the grand opening Friday. The first headlining concert will be Blackberry Smoke, an Atlanta-based rock group. The Tanner Lee Band from Boonville will be the first to take the new stage when it opens the show.

Tanner Lee said his band has been playing shows at The Blue Note and Rose Music Hall for last several years and looks forward to being the first to take the new stage in Rose Park.

“The outside of Rose is kind of a neat space,” Lee said. “This stage is the culmination of the work of a lot of visionary people planning the next chapter of  The Blue Note and Rose Music Hall.”

Lee said the stage will give local and regional bands more opportunities to play in front of a large audience alongside nationally touring artists.

“They’re putting in the facility to bring in big touring bands that allows regional bands like us to play with tour-grade production,” he said. “This will be another venue that will be able to host bands like that.”

Rose Music Hall has big plans for the new outdoor venue. At 32-by-24 feet, the dimensions of the new stage will mirror the stage at The Blue Note and will be able to host nationally touring artists with similar production capabilities.

Mike Nolan, general manager of The Blue Note and Rose Music Hall, said The Blue Note’s old sound system will be moved to Rose Park. The Blue Note got new sound equipment about two years ago. He also said they also have purchased new lights and extra soundboards for the new stage.

Nolan said Rose Music Hall wants to “bring Blue Note caliber acts to an outdoor setting in Columbia.”

“There isn’t anything else like that in Columbia,” Nolan said.

Rose Music Hall wants to create a unique experience for both fans and artists. The park will get new lighting and landscaping “with an eye towards giving attendees and bands an experience like no other in the country.”

The full lineup for the Rose Park Stage currently consists of 10 shows from June 2 through Aug. 3, but Nolan said the stage will continue to be booked all summer with local and national acts.

Nolan also said there were “a couple things in the works” for the end of the summer, hinting at big events or festivals that may be planned for the new venue.

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