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WWE Talking Smack opens, and Renee Young is joined by Shane McMahon. McMahon reports that Chris Jericho is in the hospital getting his neck looked at by doctors. He also says he does not approve of Kevin Owens’ methods but he is making a statement on Smackdown Live.

McMahon adds that he took the WWE Championship away from Jinder Mahal because on Smackdown Live, you have to earn opportunities instead of just taking the title.

First Guest: AJ Styles

AJ Styles says he did not care who won the match between Owens and Jericho. But if he was not banned from ringside maybe he would have helped Jericho stop Owens.

Styles does not care who is on Smackdown because he is going to take him down. He knows in this profession he is going to get knocked down but he is going to get back up. He wants the pressure of carrying Smackdown Live on his back.

Styles admits that Owens is the best. However, he is better than the best. Smackdown is the place to prove who you are. He says Smackdown makes the superstars and Raw takes them.

After Styles leaves, McMahon says that this is the type of opportunity the he and Daniel Bryan tries to create. Jinder Mahal is the perfect example.

Second Guests: Carmella, James Ellsworth, Natalya, and Tamina

Carmella bragged about pinning the champ. Natalya believes that Charlotte has gotten handed every opportunity that she had. The women on Smackdown have earned their opportunity. She adds that Becky Lynch had her opportunity to join them.

James Ellsworth thinks Lynch is jealous because he hangs around Carmella instead of her. Natalya recalls Charlotte stabbing Lynch in the back numerous times. She thinks Lynch is a martyr and a snake. She loves playing the victim.

Young asks the women who should be the number one contender. Carmella and Natalya argue over who should be the number one contender. Carmella believes it should be herself because she pinned the champion tonight. Natalya does not agree and tells her it does not count because it was a tag team match.

Tamina joins the conversation and tells Young that Charlotte is no longer the woman with the most power in the women’s locker room. She adds that Charlotte is also not the only superstar with family members who once were a part of WWE.

Natalya says that their group is all about loyalty and respect. Carmella is upset that Charlotte came in and immediately had a title opportunity when she has never had a singles match for the title. Natalya adds that they are all about to change the game.

After the group leaves, McMahon says that he loves having Tye Dillinger on Smackdown. He loves the new moves that he has brought with him.

Third Guest: Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens says he is going to do what McMahon could not do at WrestleMania, beat Styles. Owens adds that he had to beat Jericho the way he did. He believes he got even and took back what was his. He does not believe it was wrong.

McMahon would not tell him what he did was wrong. He does say the he thinks Owens grabbed the bull by the horns.

Owens thinks Jericho disrespected him by coming on Smackdown and saying that was his show. He recalls that ever since he first came to WWE it has been the Kevin Owens show.

Owens says the Backlash will end with him standing over a broke down AJ Styles with the title in his hand. He wants McMahon to give him more respect because he is a prize. McMahon tells him he does respect him and knows he is a great wrestler.

The hosts end this week’s WWE Talking Smack by the promoting Backlash on May 21.

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