Jake Tapper Blinded By Trump Hatred

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I am certainly not the first one to notice it, nor am I the first one to speak on it, but, man o’ man, has lost it. It seems like he has lost his mind. He certainly lost his reputation and objectivity. His presence on is completely unwatchable because of the glaring bias of which he seems to be self-unaware. I’m not a professional, but it kind of looks like some sort of mental disease. The entire station seems to be sick with it. Who on Earth watches that stuff? I try to bounce around the cable news channels to find the truth that waits for me in the middle. However, it is getting harder and harder to watch that crap.

I finished watching the Trump speech Sunday and then went to the cable news channels to see how they are reporting this and I came across Jake and almost threw up. He was a once-respected reporter that threw away his reputation to become a caricature of the left. It is sad to watch his fall from grace. I remember when he worked for and he got skipped over for the head of the show “This Week” for . Clearly, the executives at ABC must have known he was not up for the job. Now they both linger over there on the most hated news channel, CNN. I guess that is where people’s reputations go to die?

Instead of fairly reporting that Trump’s speech hit it out of the park, Jake went into his Russia, Russia, Russia mantra. He then brings the usual suspects on air that hate Trump and ask for their opinion on something Trump. Whenever you see CNN or put on , or , then you know the bias is omnipresent. When you see those people being asked to speak about Trump, you know that you are watching a cable news channel suffering from political rabies. Jake Tapper needs his political rabies shots from my vantage point. I do love how Trump made his hair go gray. It is a great symbol that shows who is winning in all of this.


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