Brampton Golf Grip Tape Strips – 15-Pack – For Golf Club Regripping

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Price: $5.99 - $3.44

Regrip your own golf strips with no special tools or expertise. Don’t let a faulty grip hold your score back ever again.

This set of 15 golf strips from Brampton Technology is sufficient to re-grip your entire set of golf clubs with a couple extra strips left over. Unlike other golf club adhesive products that use toxic chemicals, Brampton Golf Strips are 100% non-toxic.

The grip adhesive on this tape is solvent activated for ease and effectiveness of installation.

The double-coated 3.5 impregnated crepe paper is significantly more durable than other golf club tapes sold at this price. The strip design also prevents the mistakes that often result from taping golf grips using conventional roll tape.

Activating solvent for this tape is sold separately. The Brampton HF-100 Grip Solution (also sold on Amazon) is the safest solution for this purpose. It’s 100% non-toxic, odor-free, nonflammable, emits no fumes, has no impact on the ozone layer, and is more effective at a lower volume than other conventional solvents.

Brampton Golf Strips can also be activated by other conventional solvents. The adhesive will not be activated by water – this ensures reliable grip adhesion for your clubs even under rainy or humid weather conditions.

How Regular Golf Club Regripping Can Improve Your Game

Regripping your golf clubs every 30-40 rounds of play is important to prevent grip issues from impacting your game. Stock grips on new clubs are also usually not the best size and shape for your hands, your stance, and your individual playing style.

About Brampton Technologies

Brampton Technologies was founded in 1997 by two brothers with expertise in golf club manufacturing, adhesives, and solvents. Brampton’s mission is to help both golf manufacturers and golf enthusiasts to enjoy greater safety and a cleaner working environment by creating effective, safe, and non-toxic products for the golf community.

MAKES GOLF CLUB REGRIPPING SIMPLE: The Brampton 15-pack of golf grip tape strips can regrip your entire set of golf clubs at an affordable price.
2″x9″ DIMENSIONS FOR FORGIVING INSTALLATION: The convenient strip design makes this easier to use than DIY generic tapes.
DOUBLE COATED CREPE PAPER: Brampton uses durable materials in this solvent-based tape. The higher quality paper makes replacement less frustrating.
EFFORTLESS INSTALLATION: The scored liners on Brampton strips are easy to remove.
BRING YOUR GOLF GAME UNDER PAR: Don’t let your golf grip get you stuck in the sand trap. Regular regripping can improve your golf game.

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