Lawyers for Alex Jones’s Ex-Wife Show His Shirtless, Allegedly Drunk InfoWars Videos in Custody Trial

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Alex Jones’s lawyers in his legal battle for his three kids are arguing that Jones’s shows are ‘political satire.’ His wife says his shirtless rants happen off-air, too.

AUSTIN — Attorneys for Alex Jones’s ex-wife presented a series of InfoWars videos to an Austin court on Tuesday, highlighting some of Jones’s shirtless or slurred rants and claiming he’s unfit to retain custody of the couple’s children.

Kelly Jones’s attorney Bobby Newman argued that the Infowars founder is fond of disrobing off air as well, including during counseling sessions.

The clip in question was one of Jones disrobing to speak about “male vitality” and his claims that the FBI is spying on U.S. citizens. Alex Jones’s attorneys responded that the rant was part of his show, and thus merely political satire unrelated to parenting.

Judge Orlinda Naranjo debated which videos were admissible, disallowing one in which an apparently drunk Alex Jones said “1776 will commence again,” arguing that the statement had political overtones.

She said it was unclear what he meant by “the age of man will commence,” and no one on either legal team could help. The judge allowed it anyway.

Other clips included one in which Alex said “I can drink a whole jug of Jack Daniels and not even show it,” a clip which attorney Wilhite said was “taken out of context.”

Additionally, a clip shot at a party Alex attended with his 14-year-old son was ruled inadmissible. The video showed Hillary Clinton’s face on a dartboard, and Alex Jones’s lawyers argued they have no way of knowing if any of the jurors are Hillary supporters.

Alex Jones has yet to take the stand in the second day of the 10-day trial.

Jones’s attorneys are attempting to argue that America’s most foremost conspiracy theorist is practicing “political satire” that does not reflect his off-stage persona or his fitness as a parent in the trial.

“This is political satire, it’s part of his show, it has nothing pertaining to the parent-child matter,” attorney Randall Wilhite said at the Travis County Courthouse.

Wilhite’s defense of his client echoes one made at an earlier hearing in the case, in which he was quoted by the Austin-American Statesman as saying his client is a “performance artist” and that assessing his fitness to be a parent based on his on-air persona “would be like judging Jack Nicholson in a custody dispute based on his performance as the Joker in ‘Batman.’”

In a video from Monday night titled “Alex Jones’ Crucial Message to All Centipedes,” Jones tried to tamp down his own lawyer’s message.

“They’ve got articles out today that I say I’m a fake, all of this other crap. Total bull! People ask, ‘What about when you’re in a Joker outfit, is that what you really think?’ No, I’m being an actor there,” he said.

“The media is deceiving everywhere. I 110 percent believe what I stand for. We’re changing the world with you. The globalists are panicking and trying to shut us down and calling us fake news, just like Communist China does because we’re kicking their ass.”

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