Dallas Cowboys: Odds on Richard Sherman’s future NFL team: Where do the Cowboys fit in?

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Any NFL team would love to have cornerback Richard Sherman on its roster – except, apparently, his current team, the Seattle Seahawks, who are reportedly trying to trade their All-Pro corner.

No doubt, he’d be a great addition to a Cowboys team that lost four defensive backs to free agency.

Where will Sherman wind up in 2017-18 if Seattle deals him?

has posted money odds on that subject.

The Cowboys, at +350, come in as the third most-likely landing spot for Sherman, behind the New Orleans Saints (+175) and the Tennessee Titans (+250).

Here is a list of the complete odds.

Richard Sherman team in Week 1 of 2017-18 NFL regular season

New Orleans Saints, +175
Tennessee Titans, +250
Dallas Cowboys, +350
Oakland Raiders, +500
Atlanta Falcons, +750
Jacksonville Jaguars, +1,000
New England Patriots, +1,250
Seattle Seahawks, +3,000
Green Bay Packers, +3,500
Field (Any Other Team), +450

This means, Cowboys fans, that if you wagered $100 that Richard Sherman would be wearing a star on his helmet in Week 1 next season and you were correct, your winning bet would return $350.

A winning $100 bet on the Saints would return only $175.

But before you go looking for an ATM, take a peek at what DMN .

Moore: Seattle is looking to move Richard Sherman. The Cowboys need help at cornerback. Jerry Jones loves to make a splash.

Put it all together and …

You still don’t find Sherman landing in Dallas.

The truth is the Cowboys haven’t chased star players in free agency or by trade in years and it won’t happen now.

He has two years left on a contract that pays him $11.4 million this season and $11 million next year.

The Cowboys are currently about $4 million under the cap and don’t have access to the $14 million Tony Romo’s departure frees up until June.

And the Seahawks will want a higher first-round pick than the one the Cowboys (No. 28) have to offer. A team doesn’t trade a player of Sherman’s quality and settle for a selection two picks behind their own.

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