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Last night on Monday Night Raw, Vince McMahon announced that their would be a WWE Superstar Shakeup next week live on Raw and Smackdown. This shakeup couldn’t have come at a better time, as both brands are in need of fresh faces and completely new rivalries. This is the perfect opportunity for WWE to balance out its roster and give Smackdown a bit more talent to work with. Here is my list of the top 5 superstars who I feel need to switch brands right away.

AJ Styles to Monday Night Raw

AJ Styles is without a doubt WWE’s best in ring performer. In a little over a year he has won the WWE Championship, has had multiple match of the year worthy battles with John Cena, and has become one of the WWE’s most popular superstars. He has done everything he could do on Smackdown and it’s time for him to showcase his talents on Monday Nights. Matches with the likes of Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Finn Balor & Brock Lesnar, are enough to make any fan lose their shit. The WWE need to position Styles as their top guy, he needs to be world champion. Its best for AJ to be on Monday Night RAW, there isn’t anyone on Smackdown who should realistically hang with him in the ring, this move offers AJ an opportunity to fight with WWE’s best superstars, and gives more wrestlers on the Smackdown Live roster a better chance of winning the big one.

Nia Jax to Smackdown Live

On paper Monday Night Raw currently has the better women’s division and it isn’t even close. With so many talented women on that roster it makes sense that some are left out and given fewer opportunities than others, Jax being one of those superstars. She is dominant in the ring, throwing her opponents around without even breaking a sweat. Yes, recently she has been getting TV time, but she has been left out of the title picture only getting one title shot during her time on the main roster. Jax would be a perfect addition to Smackdown Lives women’s division, it will finally give her a proper chance to shine, and will give Smackdown who is lacking heel superstars, a legitimate heel powerhouse to work with. This is the opportunity Nia Jax needs to properly showcase just how dominant she is.

(Photo by Stephen J. Cohen/Getty Images)(Photo by Stephen J. Cohen/Getty Images)

(Photo by Stephen J. Cohen/Getty Images)

Baron Corbin to Monday Night Raw

Baron Corbin is without a doubt a future WWE Champion in the making. He’s a no-nonsense asskicker who can legitimately hang with any other superstar you put in front of him. He is a joy to watch in the ring. Obviously he has the size and strength to completely dominate his opponents, but during his short time on the main roster, he has also showed us his incredible speed and ferocity. It’s obvious that Smackdown Live hasn’t given Corbin the respect he deserves, he hasn’t done anything of significance since winning The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, and that is an absolute shame. Put the man on Monday Night Raw, and I guarantee you he will get even better because he will be facing the best stars WWE has to offer.

Rusev to Smackdown Live

The simple fact that this man isn’t on television every week, just shows you how clueless the WWE are. I really don’t have much more to say. Put Rusev on Smackdown and give him a fresh start. You want to bring legitimacy back to the Intercontinental Championship? Put the belt on Rusev and have him mow down everyone in his path. I truly believe that if Rusev makes this move he will be WWE Champion in 2018. Like I said, start him off with the Intercontinental Championship, give him a chance to showcase his talents and he will not disappoint you.

Sami Zayn to Smackdown Live

It seems like the entire WWE Universe wants to see this move happen, and the WWE has teased it happening plenty of times. At WrestleMania 33 Zayn participated in The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, the next night he had a one on one match with Jinder Mahal, this just cannot keep happening. He has yet to carve out a spot on Monday nights, and seems to be completely lost in the shuffle. Zayn needs to come to Smackdown Live, the land of opportunity is the perfect place for Sami to show the WWE Universe that he is one of the very best in the business.

Max Roque is a guest contributor for WZ who makes his debut on the site with the above editorial.

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