Democrat Autopsy Never Performed

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Democrat Autopsy Never Performed
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After the 2012 loss in the presidential race , then head of the RNC, performed what he called an autopsy on the party. He put together some introspective declarations about where the party was and where it was headed. It was a genuine effort to understand why they lost the national election. Of course, not much of his insights were taken up by the party, as and the populist movement swept in and took control of the 2016 presidential season.

Fast forward to the present day and the Democrat Party has never even tried to rethink or understand their loss. The whole party oscillated in a standing position blaming this or that for their crushing loss, finally landing on Russian Phantoms as their belief on why they lost the election. Shortly after that, some young blood tried to take the reins of the party and the old guard fought back. In the end, they put back in the leadership the same old faces of the people who had been there forever and were personally responsible for their bi-coastal status as a party.

As I wrote in Polyseismic – The Rise of Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential Election Cycle, “In the rainbow of irony, the that was coming apart at the seams grew stronger. They got complete control of the federal government and all three branches, including the direction of the Supreme Court for a generation to come. In addition, the has the least power it has ever had in the history of my life. If you are from Generation X, you have never seen the left with so little power, from the federal government down to the state and local levels. The Democratic Party was reduced to a coastal joke. In 2016 you could drive across the entire nation from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean without ever driving through a single county that voted for in the 2016 presidential general election cycle. I was so proud of my country.”

Usually, the pendulum swings back and forth and history would repeat itself and the Democrats would sweep back into power in congress in the 2018 elections. However, this just might be the one time that does not happen. The combination of the success of two years of President Trump on the economy and the current state of the Democrat Party, it is possible another crushing loss is headed their way. Like a lightning bolt that splits the night, can you feel my Schadenfreude celebrating their plight?

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